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Lisabeth Abrams

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Lisabeth Abrams, the IT expert with more than 10 years of experience & expertise of working in IT sector working in a well renowned company has catered to the needs of more than thousand users with her well designed & executed software projects. In this time she has worked with different company from the most smaller ones to MNC’s and has grabbed tons of knowledge in the process.

Being the senior most author of our site, she needs to look after some of the most important responsibility as reviewing the content matter posted in our blogs as well as to assist members for the same in any way required.

Henry Ellens

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She is one of the well renowned writer, actively involved & interested in writing blogs & articles on technical topics. She has experience of writing articles, press releases, reports, tender, editorial, brochures, company profile & more. She is passionate about writing software reviews & articles on other technical topics. Right after completing her Masters degree from California University she worked in numerous small & big firms spreading knowledge all across.

Apart from being a versatile author, she has highly efficient communication skills as well. Being an active member of our Website she is involved in the task of writing virus, malware & spyware related contents. Corporate writing, assignment writing are other things she is extremely good at and her easy to understand notes is well appreciated by all.